Signs of Spring

MARCH 2020 - This month's judge: Robert Chaplin

Critique Approach:

I received some feedback when I last judged and critiqued the digital challenge. The goal was to share observations and not try to make your art my own. It seems this approach came across ambiguous and esoteric. This time I am including comments on the fundamentals of photography along with ways I see to improve the image. Keep in mind the idea of improving the image to my aesthetic may be different than what the artist intended. If it does; disregard the comment.I have often said, image titles lead the judge to what you are trying to express. With that in mind, I will comment on some of the image titles as part of this critique. Also keep in mind that, if provided, the visual critique was performed on a jpeg. It will not be perfect but is intended as a visual aid to express my written critique. The score will still be based on the comment below. The scores will reflect judgment based on the technical, processing, artistic, emotional impacts, and the challenge requirements.

The subject is "SIGNS OF SPRING"

Goodbye Winter, hello spring. it's always heartwarming to see new blooms and buds appearing in the landscape. 
Take your best spring-time shots, that illustrate the season with originality. Do not just think flowers by themselves, there is more out there!


Each KCC member will have a total of 5 votes.  Members can use one or 2 votes per photo of their choice. In the case of a membership awards tie, the Judge's vote will be used to decide the winner. The votes received per photo will NOT be revealed until the completion of the voting phase.



Total entries: 30


Entries with highest rating

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