Photo Challenge Themes for the Period of August 2023 to July 2024

August 10, 2023 - OPEN

Submit up to two images 

📷 Capture the essence of creativity and unleash your imagination in our Open Theme Photo Challenge! Whether it's landscapes, portraits, abstracts, or anything in between, in color or monochrome, showcase your unique perspective through the lens. Join now and let your photography speak volumes! 🌟📸 

September 14, 2023 - LOOK UP/DOWN

In this challenge, we invite you to shift your perspective and explore the world from a different angle. Look up to the sky or down to the ground to discover captivating scenes that often go unnoticed. When looking up, capture the grandeur of towering buildings, the beauty of cloud formations, or the play of light and shadow above you. When looking down, focus on intriguing patterns on the ground, reflections in puddles, or the details of textured surfaces. Experiment with different viewpoints, compositions, and perspectives to capture unique and visually engaging images. This challenge is all about changing your vantage point and finding unexpected beauty in the world around you. So, lift your gaze and bend down to see what wonders await your lens. Happy exploring and photographing!

October 12, 2023 – SILHOUETTES

In this challenge, we invite you to embrace the art of capturing striking silhouettes. Silhouettes are created when the subject is backlit, resulting in a dark outline against a brighter background. Seek out subjects with interesting shapes, forms, or recognizable silhouettes, such as people, animals, objects, or landscapes. Play with composition, contrast, and the interplay of light and shadow to create powerful and evocative images. Whether it's a dramatic sunset silhouette, the graceful contours of a person, or the simplicity of an everyday object, let your photographs showcase the beauty and storytelling potential of silhouettes. Explore the world of shadows and outlines, and bring out the magic of darkness. Happy capturing!

November 09, 2023 - MACRO / CLOSEUP

In this challenge, we invite you to explore the captivating world of small-scale photography. Get up close and personal with your subjects, revealing intricate details and hidden beauty that often go unnoticed. Whether it's the delicate patterns on a flower petal, the texture of a leaf, or the fine details of an insect, let your lens capture the mesmerizing world that exists within the miniature. Experiment with different lighting techniques, shallow depths of field, and creative compositions to showcase the remarkable intricacies of your subjects. This challenge is all about revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary. So, grab your macro lens or zoom in close, and let your photography unveil the wonders of the small. Happy exploring and photographing!

December 14, 2023 - MONOCHROME

In this challenge, we invite you to explore the artistic realm of monochrome photography. While traditionally associated with black and white, monochrome can encompass a wide range of tones and hues. Embrace the power of a single color or a limited color palette to create captivating images. Whether it's a spectrum of shades of blue, the elegance of grayscale, or the richness of sepia tones, let your chosen monochromatic palette enhance the mood, evoke emotions, and accentuate the subject matter. Look for scenes, objects, or people that lend themselves well to the chosen monochromatic scheme, and experiment with lighting, composition, and post-processing techniques to achieve the desired impact. This challenge is all about exploring the artistic possibilities of monochrome photography. So, unleash your creativity, play with colors, and capture the beauty of a single tone. Good luck!

January 11, 2024 - NEGATIVE SPACE

In this challenge, we invite you to explore the concept of negative space in your photography. Negative space refers to the open, empty areas surrounding your main subject. By purposefully using negative space, you can create a sense of minimalism, focus, and visual impact. Look for subjects that can be isolated against a clean, uncluttered background, allowing them to stand out and draw attention. Experiment with different compositions, perspectives, and subject placements to make the most of negative space and create striking images. This challenge encourages you to embrace simplicity, balance, and the power of leaving room for the imagination. So, use negative space as your creative canvas and let your photography speak volumes. Happy capturing!


Here are some ideas for thios month's theme

  1. Panning: Capture a moving subject, such as a cyclist or a car, while panning your camera to create a sense of motion. Experiment with different shutter speeds to achieve the desired effect.

  2. Long Exposure: Use a long exposure to capture the motion blur of a waterfall, city traffic at night, or people moving in a crowded area. This technique can create beautiful, abstract images.

  3. Sports or Action Shots: Photograph athletes or people engaging in physical activities, freezing the action at a decisive moment. This could be a soccer player kicking a ball, a dancer in mid-air, or a skateboarder performing tricks.

  4. Motion in Nature: Capture the movement of waves crashing on the shore, leaves swaying in the wind, or birds in flight. Use a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion, or experiment with slower speeds to create a sense of movement.

  5. Motion Blur Portraits: Try creating intentional motion blur in a portrait by having the subject move slightly during a longer exposure. This technique can add a dynamic and artistic touch to your images.

March 14, 2024 - OLD OR ABANDONED

Remember to approach abandoned places safely and respectfully. Enjoy your photography challenge! 

  1. Urban Decay: Capture the beauty of abandoned buildings and their decaying architecture in urban areas.

  2. Rural Ruins: Photograph forgotten barns, farmhouses, or structures in the countryside that have fallen into disrepair.

  3. Abandoned Vehicles: Find old cars, buses, or trains that have been left behind and capture their weathered surfaces and surroundings.

  4. Haunting Landscapes: Explore deserted amusement parks, ghost towns, or overgrown cemeteries for eerie and captivating shots.

  5. Forgotten Objects: Seek out discarded items in unexpected places and photograph them to evoke curiosity about their stories.

AprIl 11, 2024 -OPEN

Submit up to two images 

📷 Capture the essence of creativity and unleash your imagination in our Open Theme Photo Challenge! Whether it's landscapes, portraits, abstracts, or anything in between, in color or monochrome, showcase your unique perspective through the lens. Join now and let your photography speak volumes! 🌟📸 

May 09, 2024 - WINGS IN NATURE

The "Wings in Nature" photo challenge invites you to capture the beauty and grace of wings found in the natural world. From birds soaring through the sky to butterflies delicately fluttering, seek out moments that showcase the enchanting elegance of winged creatures. Capture their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and the sense of freedom they embody. Whether in flight, perched on a branch, or mid-takeoff, let your photography celebrate the awe-inspiring wings that grace our natural surroundings.

June 13, 2024 - REFLECTIONS

Welcome to the "Reflections" photo challenge! In this challenge, we invite you to explore the mesmerizing world of reflections. Look for surfaces such as water, glass, or shiny objects that create stunning reflections of the surrounding environment. Capture the interplay of light, colors, and shapes as they transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual compositions. From urban landscapes mirrored in skyscrapers to serene nature scenes reflected in still waters, the possibilities are endless. Get creative with angles, compositions, and perspectives to showcase the unique beauty and captivating nature of reflections. Let your photography reflect the wonders of the world in a whole new light. Happy capturing!


In this challenge, we invite you to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the botanical world. Whether it's the majestic presence of towering trees, the delicate petals of blooming flowers, or the intricate patterns of plant life, let your lens capture the essence of nature's greenery. Explore different environments, from lush forests to urban gardens, and uncover the hidden details and textures that make each specimen unique. Experiment with lighting, macro photography, and creative compositions to showcase the intricate beauty of trees, plants, and flowers. Let your photographs transport viewers into the captivating world of botanical wonders. Happy photographing!

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