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OM Digital Solutions officially launched their next OM System lens this morning, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO. Some of the key features of this new 90mm macro lens include 2x magnification and 4x (4x/8x equivalent on 35mm) when paired with the MC-20 2x teleconverter. The new OM 90mm lens also offers high-speed autofocus; on-board 5-axis image optical stabilization; IP53-rated weather-sealed splashproof and dustproof construction; AF/MF clutch with focus and magnification markings; freezeproof down to 14°F (-10°C); fluorine coating and more. Priced at around $1500, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO, as its name suggests, is designed for pros and advanced enthusiasts who don’t mind spending a bit more for a premium lens for close-up...
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Though the words only differ by a single letter, the difference between making and taking an image could not be more immense. One is a passive approach meant to capture what occurs in front of the camera should something interesting cross its view, while the other is an active engagement in the creative process that draws on the technique, imagination, and foresight of the photographer. This great video takes you behind the scenes of a stunning wildlife image to show you the difference and why it matters. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
A creative and well-executed edit can take a modest snapshot and turn it into an eye-catching image. Lightroom's new masking features contain some impressively powerful tools that allow you to quickly and accurately select and edit different parts of your image, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to take advantage of them to create a moody, dark-toned edit that helps your subject pop out from that atmosphere. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
A couple of weeks ago, I published a piece on the Jack of All Trades Photographer, which covered the plight of the gigging photographer just starting out, doing what he or she can to build portfolio content and generally begin to make a living from it. Imagine my surprise when just a few days later, the topic was covered by straight-talking, commercial super talent and formerly of this parish, Scott Choucino! [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Michael Barrow)
Lightroom is one of the most popular photo-editing programs. We talk a lot about the library module and the develop module. The other available modules are almost never mentioned. What are these modules? But more important, are these useful? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Nando Harmsen)
The Canon EOS R50 is here, and it brings with it a lot of Canon's advanced mirrorless camera features at a very affordable price. This great video review takes a look at what you can expect. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
The Canon EOS R8 is here. Here is what you can expect. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Though it fell out of use for a while, the Fresnel lens has regained popularity for portraiture work, where it can provide a sharp and impactful light quality that is still flattering on the subject's facial features. If you have not used a Fresnel before and want to learn how to employ one to create compelling portraits, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you everything you need to know. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
On January 17, 2023, the Oversight Board issued a decision advising Meta to revise its policies on freeing the nipple. Here's what that decision actually says. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Jeff Bennion)
I have quickly become a big fan of the Sigma Contemporary lenses for Fujifilm X Mount. A few months back, I reviewed the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8, a lens that delivers superb image quality and performance in an extremely small and well-constructed package. More recently, I had a chance to test the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 and 30mm f/1.4 on the Fujifilm X-T5, and I was once again impressed by the results. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Pete Coco)
Samsung's latest update to its flagship phone is here, and the Galaxy S23 Ulta brings with it a range of improvements and new features, including new camera modules led by a 200-megapixel wide angle camera. This great video review takes a look at the cameras on the new phone and everything you can expect from them in usage. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Photo By Zita Quentin Today’s Photo of the Day is “Kiss for the King” by Zita Quentin. Location: Ndutu, Tanzania. Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them. The post Photo Of The Day By Zita Quentin appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original link(Originally posted by Staff)
Sigma's Art line of lenses have long been popular for offering superlative image quality at prices that are often significantly more affordable than first-party options. Today, the series welcomes its newest member, the 50mm f/1.4 DG DN Art. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
In the past couple of years, Viltrox has established themselves as a manufacturer capable of creating lenses at some of the most competitive prices on the market that often outperform their affordable costs. One of their newest offerings, the AF 75mm f/1.2 XF, offers Fujifilm X series users the enticing combination of an ultra-wide aperture, a portrait focal length, and an affordable price. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
When you use a wide angle lens, you can fit so many things in the frame, it can be difficult knowing what you should include and what you shouldn't. Here, we take a look at one simple composition technique you can use to enhance your wide angle photography skills. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Iain Stanley)
The post Zoom Lenses: Your Comprehensive Guide appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey. Zoom lenses are cheap, effective, and incredibly popular; they’re used by hordes of photographers around the globe. For many beginners, a nice kit zoom is an amazing way to get started with photography, and for many professionals, a high-quality zoom is pretty much always mounted to their camera. But what actually is a zoom lens? And what advantages does a zoom offer over a prime? In this article, I share all the basics, from a simple zoom lens definition to a handful of reasons why you should add a nifty zoom to your camera bag. So if you’re ready to become a...Zoom lens photography
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Professional photographers rejoice. Today, Nikon has finally announced the release of two new lenses, including the highly anticipated NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S and the pint-sized Z 26mm f/2.8. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Christopher Malcolm)
The post 7 Tips for Amazing Documentary Travel Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kevin Landwer-Johan. Looking to improve your documentary travel shots? While it can be tough to capture top-notch documentary-style images of your travels – the kind that include interesting subjects, compelling narratives, and flawless compositions – with a bit of knowledge (and a healthy dose of perseverance), literally anyone can create amazing results. I’m a longtime documentary travel photographer, and in this article, I share my seven best tips to achieve gorgeous shots. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be ready to bring out that camera and document your travels all around the world! 1. Tell a story with your photographs I...Documentary travel photography
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Learning how to create good headshots is no easy task. With so much advice on the internet available, it can be hard finding a good place to learn professional headshot photography. This is why we here at Fstoppers created this comprehensive article that answers some of the most frequently asked questions. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Illya Ovchar)
There are a lot of common rules about portrait photography, but rules are meant to be broken, and one photographer shares how he does that in a meaningful way after shooting more than 100,000 portraits. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Wasim Ahmad)

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