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Sigma first hit the jackpot with the 35mm Art, which kicked off the entire series. The 35mm f/1.4 DG DN Art is the update to the original, and it brings with it a variety of improvements and new features. This excellent video review take a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
When you are learning photography, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to simultaneously balance all of the technical and creative ideas and techniques that go into making a successful photograph. If you are new to the pursuit and wondering how to grow, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer giving 10 tips for improving as a photographer. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
The post Weekly Photography Challenge – Paper appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Sime. We like to throw in a curve ball every now and then! Paper sounds dead easy, doesn’t it, and really it can be – here’s a piece of paper, here’s my photograph of it. But to make a photograph of ‘paper’ interesting, you really do need to go that extra mile. You need to think about the following things to add interest to your photograph. TextureLighting (Doesn’t need to be expensive)ColoursAngles and shapesEdges and leading lines Lots of options and things there to get you started! There are some amazing examples on the interwebs of what people have made with paper, photos of those...
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I finally received my DJI Mic after pre-ordering it more than a month ago, and at first, I was disappointed. When I did the initial test with the DJI Receiver connected to my Canon R5, the audio I recorded was much noisier than what I was used to from my old setup, for which I used a Zoom H1 with a Rode Lavalier GO. But there's a solution to this problem, and in this article, I share it with you. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Michael Breitung)
Sometimes, we try hard to find a composition, but sometimes, we get distracted by too many, and it gets hard to choose the best one. At home then, we have often to accept that all our images are just average. How can we avoid situations like that and come home with a masterpiece instead? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Christian Irmler)
Photo By Stan Bysshe Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Noisy Young Tern” by Stan Bysshe. Location: Long Island, New York. Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them. The post Photo Of The Day By Stan Bysshe appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original linkOriginal author: Staff
There is a lot of flexibility within portraiture to create a wide array of different looks. One of the primary ways to put your own stamp on a shot is through lighting and this tutorial might be just the trick for your next shoot. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Robert K Baggs)
The post These Are the Best Cameras and Lenses of the Year (TIPA World Awards) appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey. Earlier this week, the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) unveiled its list of 2022 World Awards winners, featuring 40 outstanding cameras, lenses, accessories, monitors, software programs, and printing services. The World Awards, billed as “[t]he most coveted photo and imaging awards worldwide,” are conducted by TIPA members – including industry-leading magazines such as the UK’s “Photography News,” Australia’s “Camera,” and the USA’s “Digital Imaging Reporter.”  TIPA notes that “[e]ach member publication is engaged in the selection and final vote in the TIPA World Awards process to name the Best Photo and Imaging products of...
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When an image has a distinct texture or pattern, cleaning up blemishes or the like can be a bit trickier, as you need to replicate the texture and/or pattern accurately in order to create a convincing replacement. One such example is pristine sand that has been walked upon, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to make it perfect again using Photoshop. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Sometimes it is difficult for me to look back at the photographs I created early in my career. The shots are all technically strong, but there is something missing. That missing element can be defined as vision. In this article, I will detail my journey in understanding the need to incorporate this crucial element into my art. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by John Ricard)
If you work a lot in the field or like to take long road trips, you know how difficult it can be to have access to enough power to keep all your devices charged and running. Anker's 757 Portable Power Station has a ridiculous amount of power to spare, and this great video review takes a look at its performance and applications. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Apple's Mac Studio is ludicrously powerful. It comes in two basic configurations, the M1 Max and M1 Ultra, which might leave you wondering which you should pick for your work. If you are asking yourself that question, check out this excellent video that discusses three options for video editing to help you choose. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Today, hopefully, you’ll allow me a brief break from discussing tech and technique to revel in a bit of the pure joy that is the process of photography. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Christopher Malcolm)
The post 5 Tips for Stunning Insect Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Simon Ringsmuth. Capturing gorgeous photos of insects might seem difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy – once you know a few tips and tricks. In this article, I share my five best insect photography tips, including: How to find insects to shootHow to level up your insect compositionsHow to pick the perfect angle for stunning insect photos By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be ready to head out and capture some mind-blowing insect shots of your very own! Let’s get started. 1. Search patiently for good subjects This might sound obvious… …but if you want to take great insect photos, you must...insect photography tips
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When you are newer to working with artificial lighting, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick the right modifier for a given shoot. Umbrellas are easily the cheapest modifiers you can get, making them a great tool for learning how to work with artificial light, and they are more versatile than you might think. This great video tutorial will show you five different single umbrella setups for shooting portraits. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Congratulations to Christopher Baker for winning the Abstract Wildlife Assignment with the image, “Peacock Patterns.” See more of Baker’s photography at View the winning image and a selection of submissions in the gallery below. And be sure to check out our current photography assignment here and enter your best shots! [See image gallery at] The post Abstract Wildlife Assignment Winner Christopher Baker appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original link(Originally posted by Staff)
Photo By Tom Elenbaas Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Disappearing Moon” by Tom Elenbaas. Location: Death Valley National Park, California. “My brother and I made a trip to Death Valley in May to photograph the total lunar eclipse,” says Elenbaas. “Our original plan was to capture the entire arc of the moon from rise to set, but Mother Nature had other plans. A heavy cloud cover developed right after sunset, but we remained optimistic. The weather apps we were using predicted there would be a break in the clouds around 1 a.m., shortly before the start of the eclipse, and that’s exactly what happened. Although there were still heavy clouds all around, a window opened up right where the moon...
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35mm lenses are popular for good reason, as they offer a versatile focal length that is neutral enough for a variety of applications, including portraits, street photography, events, astrophotography, and more. The Viltrox 35mm f/1.8 AF is one of the more affordable options out there, but it still offers a range of great features. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
It's easy to think that if you want to put together a great portrait shoot you need to book an expensive location and have a room full of lights, but sometimes simplicity can be more rewarding. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Robert K Baggs)
Lightroom Classic (LrC) makes a great home base for your photo library, but a common question comes up in the form of how to best share those photos with others for viewing and possibly even downloading and printing. There are actually a few options to consider depending on your needs and the needs of those you are sharing with, so I thought i’d devote a blog post or two to covering what those options are and how to utilize them from LrC. The first and most obvious method is the good old Export dialog. Being ready to share your photos implies that you’re done with editing and ready to move to output, so let’s assume your photos are looking their best...
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