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Understanding the Game - presented by Robert Lino

Thursday August 25, 2022 - 7:00 PM at The Pinecrest Community Center - 5855 Killian Dr, Pinecrest, FL 33156

This program will take you into the world of Image Competition, digital or print, and give you a better understanding of the process. A BTS (Behind The Scenes) look from the administrators' and judge's perspective. It will help you understand the "rules," play with categories and titles, and how they benefit you, the image-maker. Understand why you should participate and how to prepare your case. Learn from the critiques and benefit from the results. We go also touch on the world of Composition and Presentation. We encourage everyone's participation with questions and comments.


online contest

Submit by August 31, 2022 -
Voting from Sept 1 - Sept 8, 2022

Following the awesome "Still Life Photography" presentation by Mark Battista, submit up to two images.

Still-Life Photography can be done in a small space within your home using objects that are readily accessible. Use the concept of “shooting with intention” to take control of the creative process from selecting props, arranging them in a pleasing composition, and using light effectively to direct the eye through the image and create a center of interest. 



Online Photo Contest Voting


Voting open through July 15, 2022

This contest is for elements or lines in the composition that do not intersect or meet each other. Examples include railway lines, road markings, ladders, powerlines, and stairs. You can find examples that are also present in food, nature, flora, fauna, and animals. 

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18 August 2022
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In this article, I share some techniques I used to edit my most popular photo here on Fstoppers. With 4.36 points from 95 votes, it appealed to many of you. But aside from the great subject with Mohamed and his dromedaries and the beautiful, golden e...
18 August 2022
Photography Blogs
Inuit sacred site, Siberian Russian Far East. In ancient times, the Inuit would gather on special occasions, often after killing a whale, and use the long whale bones to erect a tent with fur hides of killed animals. Inside, they would build fires ag...
18 August 2022
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Sigma's Art series of lenses features some of the most highly regarded options in the industry, offering impressive image quality at prices that often significantly undercut those of first-party options. The 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art is the longest foca...
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Test yourself, a Critique Challenge

Digital Challenge…Now it is your turn. I have critiqued your digital images. Some agree with my assessments...some do not. What follows is my methodology and reasons. How objective are you when self-critiquing your photographs? Can you separate your emotional connection to your image? 

Read the full article by Robert Chaplin here


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