Group A Winners
  • First Place: Nestling Newborns - Barbara Thompson
  • Second Place: A New Chapter - John McKnight
  • Third Place: Beginning To Topple - Barbara Thompson

Honorable Mentions

  • Early Morning Light Grant Tetons - Daniel Holmes
  • Emergence - Yevette Shapiro
Group B Winners
  • First Place: Chapter One- Norene Monahan
  • Second Place: Butterfly Beginnings - Gerry Tiziani
  • Third Place:  Butterfly Buds - Gerry Tiziani 

Honorable Mentions


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Online Photo Contest Voting


Voting from June 01 to June 10, 2021

This month's contest is all about water. You can submit photos of traditional water bodies like rivers, oceans, waterfalls, etc. It is, however, not limited to those. Challenge your creativity by creating images where water or a specific liquid is the main subject, for example, drinks, food, rain, water drops on plants or structures, puddles, or anything else you come up with.

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16 September 2021
Photography Blogs
An ideal option for long hikes when you don’t want to carry your full camera system, superzoom cameras are easy to stow in a day pack along with water, snacks, sunscreen and other trail essentials. Though their image sensors are smaller than those fo...
16 September 2021
Photography Blogs
Photographers that have true originality in concept and style are few. But Anna Isabella Christensen’s photographs show just that. We discussed her photographic adventure in Iceland, where she took self-portraits to a new level. [ Read More ]Original...
16 September 2021
Photography Blogs
One of the Canon EOS R5's headline features was its 8K raw video capabilities, but with all that video horsepower came the caveat of issues with overheating, some of which could be a hindrance in professional environments. So, has the EOS R3 solved t...
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Test yourself, a Critique Challenge

Digital Challenge…Now it is your turn. I have critiqued your digital images. Some agree with my assessments...some do not. What follows is my methodology and reasons. How objective are you when self-critiquing your photographs? Can you separate your emotional connection to your image? 

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