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“Develop With Expression And Intent” with Scott Davenport

May 23, 2023 - 6:45 pm - ZOOM

A compelling photo starts with a great story; a solid capture and post-processing are essential. The reason we process our images is to make a stronger photo. Join us for Scott's presentation with talking points vs. a hands-on processing demonstration, focusing on selective adjustments and masking using Lightroom. Remember that we can also apply these concepts with other raw editors, such as On1 and Luminar.

Scott Davenport is a landscape photographer and photo educator and based in San Diego, California. He leads photo workshops, writes photo books, hosts podcasts, makes tutorial videos, and feels weird referring to himself in the 3rd person.

Random Thoughts and other Musings

Thursday May 25th - 6:45 PM @ Evelyn Greer

Grab a drink and join Robert Chaplin as he shares his opinions, observations, and ideas about instructors, lecturers, and the art of photography. Robert will share some things he has heard and disagrees with. Or maybe there is something he said that needs clarification. He will also touch on leaving a legacy with our art. This talk will be interactive and fun. -

Snacks and Sweets provided


Photo Challenge - "WEATHER"

Submit by midnight JUNE 6, 2023.

Whether the skies are sunny or overcast, take your best photos showing an atmosphere affected by the weather. For example, you can take photos of a foggy morning, an overcast day, a sunset with silhouettes, or even show how weather can affect people's daily lives.


Online Photo Contest Voting


Voting open through February 12, 2023

Flowers are a naturally photogenic subject matter — a joyful expression of colors, textures, and shapes. Flower and plant photography celebrates their natural beauty and is an effective way to improve various photography skills


Yevette Shapiro

Lewis Wilkinson

Pilar Geada

Rolando Prol





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06 June 2023
Photography Blogs
Photographers spend their entire careers mastering the art of composition, gradually honing their skills over many years. For new photographers, learning compositional theory from scratch is a huge task, but you can fast-track your progress by focusi...
06 June 2023
Photography Blogs
Anybody can take a video of something — and these days, most people do — but to come away with cinematic-looking footage requires some extra steps and forethought. In this video, one talented videographer gives you the cheat codes you need to achieve...
06 June 2023
Photography Blogs
When we think of landscape photography, our minds are commonly drawn towards wide angle images of vast expanses, and while those can make for some jaw-dropping images, they are not the only compelling photos you can make. Looking for the smaller deta...
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Test yourself, a Critique Challenge

Digital Challenge…Now it is your turn. I have critiqued your digital images. Some agree with my assessments...some do not. What follows is my methodology and reasons. How objective are you when self-critiquing your photographs? Can you separate your emotional connection to your image? 

Read the full article by Robert Chaplin here


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