July/August 2022 - This month's judges: TBA - Submit by September 4, 2022 
Voting from Sept 5 - Sept 12, 2022


Here is the opportunity of putting into practice what we've learned following last month's Still Life Photography presentation by Mark Battista

Still Life Photography can be done in a small space within your home using objects that are readily accessible. The concept of “shooting with intention” will be addressed in order for one to take control of the creative process from selecting props, arranging them in a pleasing composition, using light effectively to direct the eye through the image and create a center of interest. Strategies to tell a story and create a mood will be shared in order to make better decisions regarding lighting and design.

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A Message from Mark Battista

"I was so impressed with the images that your members created that I felt I wanted to say something about each of their images. If time doesn't allow that in a competition, I figured I would attach my comments to this letter, and you can share it with your members.
I tried to share the positive things that I saw in the work (which were many!!!). I also wanted to try to give some suggestions of things to try. The suggestions are mostly opinions and not meant to be absolute. When I shoot, these suggestions often are things that I will try to refine my image. Sometimes it improves an image, and sometimes it doesn't. It helps to go through the process of attempting some optional ways to create the photo".  Mark



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