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It has been an exciting year for gear, and it looks like camera companies are showing no signs of slowing down. Sony looks to be next in line, with an exciting and boundary-pushing lens being readied for announcement next week. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
I don’t know about you, but I really hate culling images. I hate waiting for images to load. I hate zooming in to see if it’s in focus. I hate the time it takes to go through so many images. About six months ago, I started using Narrative Select for culling, and it might be the fastest way to cull images. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Bryan Striegler)
Until 10 years ago, I didn’t know that being a professional food photographer was even a thing. I don’t come from a creative background, so if you had asked me what I thought they did, I would have been very far from the truth. Hopefully, I can shed some light. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Scott Choucino)
Zoom lenses are wonderful things. With one lens, you have a large number of focal lengths at your disposal. The adjustments are infinitely variable. But in reality, you can often shoot everything with only three different focal lengths. You may even benefit from it. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Nando Harmsen)
Ruby Beach is located in Olympic National Park in Washington state and is accessible via U.S. Route 101. The beach is the northernmost beach in the Kalaloch area and is approximately 10 miles north of Kalaloch Lodge. The beach is located a quarter mile from the parking lot and is an easy hike, although you might have to climb over some driftwood. Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM, Really Right Stuff tripod and BH 55 ballhead, B+W Kaesemann circular polarizer, Formatt Hitech 100x150mm Firecrest Soft Grad ND 0.9. Exposure: 1/15 sec., ƒ/11, ISO 400. Weather At Ruby Beach It was late September when I visited Ruby Beach. The weather was in the 50s with quite a...
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The post Weekly Photo Challenge – Green appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Sime. Green! That’s our theme this week and, for some, will be really easy! But, as I say pretty much every week, we want you to take a minute and think about the theme and make it a new photo rather than dipping into your Flickr account for the old stuff! (like I’m doing as it’s school holidays and I’m building tree houses and not out making photographs!) (For how to enter your photo, scroll to the bottom of this post) Make sure you tag your photos #dPSWeeklyChallenge and #dPSGreen on social media. Here’s an interesting article about GREEN in images, if you’re interested,...Weekly Photo Challenge - Green
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Landscape photography is a tough genre, requiring long slogs to find good shots with no guarantee that nature will cooperate once you get there. Still, there are a lot of great things about it, and this fantastic video discusses five of the best parts about being a landscape photographer. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Natural light, flash, and constant lights all have their place in portrait photography, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to take portraits using each source, making you a more versatile photographer. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Photo by Jake Pineda Today’s Photo Of The Day is “La Jolla” by Jake Pineda. Location: California. “The calm before the storm rolls in over Hospitals Reef in Southern California,” describes Pineda. Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them. The post Photo Of The Day By Jake Pineda appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original linkOriginal author: Staff
Humans are a rather invasive species, and it is getting harder and harder to find pristine landscapes that are untouched by manmade structures. So, how do you create good images when you have to deal with all these eyesores? Maybe the answer is to learn to embrace them. This insightful video essay discusses the issue and what we can do about it. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
A good medium telephoto macro lens is an extremely versatile optic, offering the ability to shoot extreme close-ups and also doubling as a sharp portrait option. Canon's new RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM comes with increased magnification and a neat bokeh control feature, and this video shows it in action. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
The post Canon EOS R3: Eye-Control AF, 30 FPS, a BSI Sensor, and More appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey. Canon has introduced the EOS R3, a full-frame, mirrorless “high-performance professional camera,” designed for sports and action photographers. As Canon explains, “The camera will put great emphasis on superb AF performance and speed,” and will lie “squarely between the EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III cameras.” In other words, while the EOS R3 will be Canon’s most powerful mirrorless model to date, don’t expect it to outcompete the EOS 1D X Mark III in every way. The EOS R3 won’t be a mirrorless 1D X replacement, and it likely isn’t a high-resolution action camera,...Canon EOS R3
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Micro Four Thirds offers some definite advantages over full frame when it comes to the size of the lenses, but what compromises come with it — and what role does equivalence play? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Andy Day)
When I started out in photography, I didn't even know that ad agencies were a thing. To be honest, I didn't know a lot at all. However, over the years I have picked up a few tricks that will hopefully help you. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Scott Choucino)
Really great video today from Terry White on one of my favorite features in Lightroom Classic — one I’ve been using for many years, and I find it so helpful (well, both of them — he shows Survey Mode and Compare Mode). Check it out below (it’s short and sweet — you’ll dig it). Thanks, Terry!!!! (Awesome, as usual). Check out my field report on the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5.6 – f6.3 G2 lens Over on my daily blog, I give you my initial impressions after shooting with it for a full day shooting the US Navy’s Blue Angels. Here’s the link. Have a great weekend, everybody! Stay safe, happy and healthy, and I hope to see you again here next...
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How do you know if an umbrella costing $100 is any better than the $5 one? It's quite hard to tell the difference in terms of light quality, especially if you're a beginner. But I assure you, expensive light modifiers are quite different from the regular cheap ones. That difference is noticeable only after you've used them for some time. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Illya Ovchar)
We are often confronted with funny fringing around contrasty edges in our photographs, especially in our first experiences with editing. Here, you will learn why they appear and how you can avoid them. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Nils Heininger)
RuPaul’s Drag Race is the Emmy-winning global phenomenon taking reality TV by storm. The show is in its 13th season but boasts several spin-offs including All Stars, as well as localized seasons in Canada, UK, Thailand, Holland, Spain, and Australia. Drag race, as it is called by fans, is a reality competition that challenges contestants to find the drag performer who possesses the perfect blend of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Ali Choudhry)
Canon's EOS R5 showed us they were finally taking mirrorless seriously. And now, the EOS R3 has shown us that they are swinging for the fences. And yet, there is still the EOS R1 to come. It is going to be one crazy camera. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
With all of our fussing over codecs and bitrates, and demanding 4K 120 fps at every latest camera release, it can be good practice to look back at where some of this technology started in order to get a bit of perspective. This beautifully edited video illustrates perfectly how the likes of Canon and Sony are most certainly standing on the shoulders of giants. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Mike O'Leary)

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