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Samyang has long been known for manufacturing impressively sharp and low-cost manual focus lenses, but in recent years, the company has started adding autofocus options to their lineup as well. And even though those options now bring autofocus, they have remained competitively priced. One of the most impressive recent options is the AF 75mm f/1.8 for Fujifilm X Series mirrorless cameras. This excellent video review takes a look at the sort of the performance and image quality you can expect from the lens in practice. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
The photoshoot of a lifetime just landed in your inbox, but there's a major snag. You can only bring one small bag of gear with you. What makes the cut and what doesn't? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Paul Parker)
There are few skills more fundamental to Photoshop than knowing how to make a proper selection. Done right, it allows you to take greater control of your edits and dial in precise adjustments. And in recent years, Adobe has greatly expanded the application's selection tools. If you are new to the program, check out this excellent video tutorial that will get you up and running with Photoshop's many selection capabilities in no time. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
If you're considering replacing your pen tablet with another leading brand or are new to the benefits of using this type of peripheral instead of a mouse, I recently got to test the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE in Nebula, White and the results were astounding. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Peter Morgan)
The post Lightroom Star Ratings: A Quick Guide appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Ian Johnson. Let’s face it: Sorting and culling your pictures after a shoot can feel like a never-ending task. Whether you’ve spent a wild weekend capturing wildlife or a bustling day capturing a wedding, sifting through hundreds or even thousands of photos to figure out which ones to keep, edit, and store can drive you crazy. Fortunately, Adobe Lightroom’s star-rating system is a superhero tool that helps you efficiently organize and store your precious images. If you’ve been struggling to keep your photos well-managed, then it’ll be an absolute game-changer – as long as you know the right approach. In this article, I’ll...Lightroom star ratings
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When starting out in photography, you might want to purchase as much gear as possible. However, professional photographers who have been doing this for decades seem to have every lens in the world. It is natural to strive to buy as much gear to be as professional as possible, but the devil is in the details, as it takes decades to amass gear, and even then, the pros still have some things they want to purchase. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Illya Ovchar)
If you are looking for great tips on how to improve your astrophotography and workflow, Alyn Wallace has released a great video with 5 easy to follow tips on how to improve your astrophotography and take it to the next level. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Greg Sheard)
Like any other art, there are clichés in photography, and it is worth being aware of them before you head out with your camera. This great video tutorial takes a look at seven of the most common ones, how they became clichés, and whether we should embrace them or do something else. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Can a $1,000 phone compete against a $6,500 camera? In this video, Gavin Hardcastle of fototripper pits the Sony a1 camera against his Samsung S23 in his usual entertaining but informative fashion. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Greg Sheard)
Of course, knowing how to light and pose a portrait is essential to creating a successful image, but the process does not end there. Having an effective, structured, and efficient post-processing workflow will help ensure that you can create polished shots every time. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced portrait photographer sharing his workflow. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Today, DxO is releasing a revamped collection of editing tools that works as either a Photoshop plugin or as a standalone app. They also can function with Lightroom Classic, Affinity Photo and, of course, DxO PhotoLab. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Mel Martin)
Bird photography is one of the most beloved subgenres of the craft and one of the most difficult. In this video, a professional bird photographer goes through her best tips on how you can capture some beautiful images of our feathery friends. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Robert K Baggs)
In this video, join Scottish photographer Adam Russell from The Nonsense Adventures as he visits the Shetland Islands off Scotland in search of some of the UK's amazing wildlife, which includes Orca, Puffins, and a Basking Shark. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Greg Sheard)
If you love storytelling, travel, and photography, you'll enjoy this video by travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Michael Breitung)
Many of us have been waiting for it for years now. A serious and capable mirrorless successor of one of the best DSLRs ever, the brilliant Nikon D850, has finally been unveiled and it comes packing a serious punch. How does it feel to use one? And is it worth the upgrade? Well, I’ve had it for a week and I love it. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Ondřej Vachek)
Nikon has started making APS-C mirrorless cameras a few years back, and they are definitely worth considering. Their image quality is decent, the autofocus isn’t half bad, and they undoubtedly have their fans. But they lacked a decent selection of dedicated glass. That is finally changing. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Ondřej Vachek)
After the release of Nikon’s new Z8 mirrorless camera, you may be asking yourself a simple question. Should you get the Z8 or its big brother, the Z9? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Christopher Malcolm)
Photo presets often have a bad reputation, but used in the proper manner, they can be useful tools that can save you time and make your life easier. If you are new to photography and feeling tempted by presets, check out this quick and helpful video tutorial that will show you the proper way to make use of them. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
There aren't many camera techniques that, once learned, will totally change how you shoot. But, back-button focus might change your life. Extreme? Maybe, but I urge you to watch this video from Sam Docker if you're new to the technique. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Paul Waring)
The post 6 Tips for Epic Low-Light Photos Without a Tripod appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kav Dadfar. Tripods are fantastic, no doubt about it. When it comes to capturing those perfect low-light shots, they can make all the difference. But let’s face it: They’re not always practical. Some venues won’t allow them, plus they can be slow and cumbersome to use, especially when you’re on the go and need to move around quickly. That’s where these tips come in. Below, I share six surefire ways to help you capture stunning low-light photos without a tripod. Whether you’re at a dimly lit concert or exploring the streets at night, these tips are bound to help you...How to photograph in low light without a tripod
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