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The internet has been an integral part of allowing photographers to showcase their work to the world. Yet, no one is safe from the trolls hiding behind their computer screens. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Tom Anderson)
This one works in either Lightroom Classic or ‘LR cloud’ and it’s a great tool for getting rid of those nasty green and purple or magenta fringe around the edges of things (it’s a common lens issue called “Chromatic Aberration”). Here’s how to use the Defringe Eyedropper to get rid of it fast: Above: Here’s our original image, and when its zoomed out like you see here, you can’t really see the fringe, but it’s there — lurking — just waiting for you to zoom in on the image. Above: Zoom in and you see it big time. Yeah, it’s like all over — purple, greens, and blues that shouldn’t be there. STEP ONE: Adobe recommends for the best results using the Defringe...
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"Big Magic" has changed my approach to photography, and art in general in more than one way. I rarely urge anyone to do anything; I think it’s too intrusive. But this time I do. I urge you to read this book like it’s The Bible. Here's why. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Illya Ovchar)
Overlaying textures on top of your photographs is an underused way of adding real interest and creative flair to a final image. This tutorial on exactly that might be the best one I have seen to date. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Robert K Baggs)
The majority of landscape photographers tend to prefer keeping the entire scene in focus from back to front, using smaller apertures to maintain greater depth of field. Using this simple technique, any photographer can quickly find the hyperfocal distance, or the focusing distance at which a lens, given any aperture and focal length, will produce the greatest depth of field. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Devin Rogers)
Taking the leap into photography as a career can be a terrifying prospect, but on the other hand, some of us are simply not happy stuck in the tedium and repetition of a more traditional 9 to 5. This inspiring video essay discusses one man's journey from a 9-to-5 job in IT to professional astrophotography. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Photo by Jeff Nigro Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Zabriskie Point” by Jeff Nigro. Location: Death Valley National Park, California. Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of the Day feature? Photo of the Day is chosen from various galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the website homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them. The post Photo Of The Day By Jeff Nigro appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original linkOriginal author: Staff
The Sony a1 is probably the most extreme camera we have seen so far, with one of its most notable features being that insane 30 fps continuous burst rate. While the camera also has some equally impressive video features to accompany its photo capabilities, it is more fun to see just how truly fast that aforementioned burst rate is by shooting video using it. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Are you wondering how to blur the background of a picture on your iPhone? Creating beautifully blurred backgrounds might seem difficult… but it’s easy with the tricks you’re about to discover! Read on to start creating stunning iPhone photos with gorgeous background blur. Table Of Contents: How To Blur Background On iPhone Click any title link below to go straight to that section of the tutorial: 1. Capture Beautifully Blurred Backgrounds Using Portrait Mode 2. Get Closer To Your Subject For Amazing Background Blur3. Blur The Background Of A Picture In Editing4. Frame Your Subject With A Dreamy Blurred Vignette 1. Capture Beautifully Blurred Backgrounds Using Portrait Mode Do you want to shoot stunning iPhone portrait photos with gorgeous blurred backgrounds?...How To Blur Background On iPhone
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The post 11 Cat Photography Ideas (For Stunning Photos of Your Furry Friend) appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Ana Mireles. If you’re looking for cat photography ideas, you’re in the right place. Cats can be cute and challenging at the same time; this is what makes them such fascinating subjects! Whether you’re a cat lover looking to capture photos of your pet, or you want to become a professional pet photographer, these ideas will help you out. 1. Improve your compositions A good composition is key in any type of photography, including cat photography. The way you frame your picture and how you position the cat (and other elements) can completely change the photo. Using composition, with rule of thirds overlay
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Landscape photography is a genre that often requires editing to complete your image more heavily than most others, and as such, there are a lot of places where things can go a bit awry during post-processing. This informative video tutorial details seven common editing mistakes landscape photographers make so you can be aware of them and avoid them. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
Sony has very quietly released two new cameras that bring incremental upgrades to the a7R III and a7R IV. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Andy Day)
Having WhatsApp aggressively compress your images, strip out important metadata, and delete your handpicked color profiles is downright annoying for photographers. Thankfully, there is an easy way to trick WhatsApp into sending your precious images unharmed. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Paul Parker)
Photography struggles with truth as a concept. With other art forms, truth is generally a non-issue. We do not question whether a painting is real. We do not question whether a dance is real. We are generally able to discern fictional texts from nonfiction; furthermore, we’re generally able to sift through multiple nonfiction texts and combine them with our own experiences to arrive at a conclusion of truth. But not with photography. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Ali Choudhry)
“The last travel tripod you’ll ever need” might seem like a very definitive statement, but let’s take a look at what Gitzo is talking about and exactly why is this tripod kit worth getting. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Nicco Valenzuela)
One of the marks of a lot of good images is the ability to make a two-dimensional photo have the feel of a three-dimensional scene. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to take advantage of the way the human brain determines distance to give your images a deeper sense of depth. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
There is a trend growing in the photography world. The trend is to accompany photographs with explanatory text. I am not convinced this is a good thing. What do you think? [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Michael Ernest Sweet)
Congratulations to Archie Tucker for winning the recent Macro Photography Assignment with the image, “Purity.” See more of Tucker’s work at  View the winning image and a selection of submissions in the gallery below. And be sure to check out our current photography assignment here and enter your best shots! [See image gallery at] The post Macro Photography Assignment Winner Archie Tucker appeared first on Outdoor Photographer. Original linkOriginal author: Staff
Portrait photography is a tricky genre that takes the combination of good technique, creativity, and the ability to work with people simultaneously. If you have been struggling with it a bit, this helpful video tutorial contains six minutes of rapid-fire tips and techniques to help you improve your work. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)
We know that Canon is bringing a lot of new RF mirrorless lenses to market fairly soon, and it looks like we have more information coming in, with some exciting news on new designs. [ Read More ]Original link(Originally posted by Alex Cooke)

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