May 2021 - by Robert Chaplin

 Critique Approach:

Keeping with the critical approach consistent with previous digital challenges, the critique below includes comments on the fundamentals of photography and ways I see to improve the image. Keep in mind the idea of enhancing your photo to my aesthetic may be different than what you intended. If it misses the mark, disregard the comment.

I have often said; image titles lead the judge to what you are trying to express. So, with that in mind, I may comment on some of the image titles as part of this critique.

Also, keep in mind that, if provided, the visual critique was performed on a jpeg. It may not be perfect but is intended as a visual aid to express the written critique.

The scores will reflect judgment based on the technical, processing, artistic and emotional impacts and challenge requirements.


Barbara Thompson
Score 93

Well done macro shot with good timing. See the visual critique for potential processing ideas. 


Dancing Legos

John McKnight
Score 79

Simply stated closeup. The focus and depth of field seem appropriate. See the visual critique for a processing idea.


Follow the Lines

Inna Malostovker
Score 84

This is a typical composition of a butterfly (profile with wings closed); what adds some interest is the stem (line) across the upper right corner of the frame. This image gives a frame-within-a-frame feel. See the visual critique for processing ideas.

I see Yellow

Inna Malostovker
Score 87

Good composition and the focus and depth of field are appropriate. See the visual critique for a processing idea.

In the Look Out

Ada Ruth Casal
Score 69

There is nothing neutral in an image. Elements will either contribute to the visual statement or detract from it. See the visual critique for composition and processing ideas.

Looking for Aphids

Yevette Shapiro
Score 82

Common composition for an insect. The leaf seems to be sharper than the ladybug. A tighter crop, a little more depth of field, and a better focus on the ladybug's head would have strengthened the shot. See the visual critique for the composition idea supporting the closeup challenge and for a processing idea.

Organic Lunch Time

Ada Ruth Casal
Score 87

Well composed with appropriate depth of field. See the visual critique for a processing idea. 


Pink Torch Ginger

Rolando Prol
Score 89

"The Ant and Pink Torch Ginger" would be a good name. Did you see the ant? See the visual critique for processing and sharpening ideas.

Red Flower

Rolando Prol
Score 78

Red is a dynamic color, and the background is appropriate for this dramatic image. However, there seem to be some inconsistencies with focus and sharpness. There are also some unnecessary elements entering the edge of the frame. See the visual critique for examples.

Spilt Salt on Penny

Ivan Prasin
Score 75

Interesting idea, although I'm not sure what the artistic statement is. The image also seems to be over-sharpened. I would not expect the penny to show that much gritty texture. See the visual critique for a processing idea to tone down the grittiness.

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