"CIRCLES"  Visual Critique
April 2021 - by Robert Chaplin

 Critique Approach:

Keeping with the critical approach consistent with previous digital challenges, the critique below includes comments on the fundamentals of photography and ways I see to improve the image. Keep in mind the idea of enhancing your photo to my aesthetic may be different than what you intended. If it misses the mark, disregard the comment.

I have often said; image titles lead the judge to what you are trying to express. So, with that in mind, I may comment on some of the image titles as part of this critique.

Also, keep in mind that, if provided, the visual critique was performed on a jpeg. It may not be perfect but is intended as a visual aid to express the written critique.

The scores will reflect judgment based on the technical, processing, artistic and emotional impacts and challenge requirements.

Buddha with Circles

Norene Monahan
Score 74

A necklace with circles placed on a statue meets the challenge, but the image doesn't have much impact. The photograph also looks soft and flat. See the visual critique. Did processing for contrast and sharpening help the image?


Circle of Light

Dustin Quiel-Athanasiadis
Score 88

The image is well composed, and the exposure seems adequate. See the visual critique. Does the processing for brightness and contrast do anything to improve the photograph?


Cups and Shadow

John McKnight
Score 89

Interesting play of light and shadow to create more circles. The image seems flat (monotone). See the visual critique. Did processing for contrast do anything to enhance the shot? Side note: your sensor needs cleaning.

Elevator and More

Inna Malostovker
Score 95

Well composed and exposed. This image has many lines (linear elements), but these support and lead the viewer to the circles, unlike the bicycle wheel. See the visual critique for a processing idea. What do you think? Does the enhancement help anything?




Leaf with Circles

Norene Monahan
Score 72

A Circle necklace on a leaf meets the challenge but falls short on impact and emotion. See the visual critique for processing and cropping ideas. Did removing the bright and visually inconsistent corners help strengthen the statement? What about processing for contrast and color?

Miami Smile

Inna Malostovker
Score 89

Interesting and seemingly well-thought-out composition. The square area drain on the right adds interest and acts as the anomaly. See the visual critique for a processing idea. Did the processing add "pop" to the image?


On Closer Inspection

John McKnight
Score 87

Interesting idea, and yes, there are circles. See the visual critique for a processing idea. What do you think? By the way, it's a little unnerving having you inspect me when viewing your image full screen.


Star Trail

Rolando Prol
Score 86

Nice job creating these circles. Polaris is in a compositionally strong location. See the visual critique for a processing idea. What do you think?

Victorian Gate Detail

Barbara Thompson
Score 83

The image meets the circles' challenge, and the composition works with the square orientation. See the visual critique for processing ideas. Did deepening the color through processing help with what the viewer experiences, even if it is richer in color than existing?

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