"SEASONS"  Visual Critique
June 2021 - by Robert Chaplin

 Critique Approach:

Keeping with the critical approach consistent with previous digital challenges, the critique below includes comments on the fundamentals of photography and ways I see to improve the image. Keep in mind the idea of enhancing your photo to my aesthetic may be different than what you intended. If it misses the mark, disregard the comment.

I have often said; image titles lead the judge to what you are trying to express. So, with that in mind, I may comment on some of the image titles as part of this critique.

Also, keep in mind that, if provided, the visual critique was performed on a jpeg. It may not be perfect but is intended as a visual aid to express the written critique.

The scores will reflect judgment based on the technical, processing, artistic and emotional impacts and challenge requirements.

Frittilary Summer

Yevette Shapiro
Score 82

Good composition and appropriate crop. See the side-by-side visual critique for processing ideas. What do you think?



Spring Snow at the Great Sand Dunes

John McKnight
Score 80

It is tough getting a great photo in midday light. This image reminds me of a been-there-done-that vacation photo. See the side-by-side visual critique for processing ideas. Notice where elements close to the edge were cleaned up and how contrast was added to enhance the feeling of depth?


Summer Blessings

yevette Shapiro
Score 90

Strong composition with an artistic feel. This shot has minor flaws inconsistent with the rest of the image. See the side-by-side visual critique. Can you find them? This attention to detail is what separates the good from the great. And before I get a comment about pixel peeping, let me say if a printer (the printing equipment) can see it, it's not pixel peeping.

Bandon Beach Springtime

Pilar Geada
Score 86

This is a dynamic image with contrast and colors. It seems like the photographer tried to include too much in the image and crowded the edges. Notice the village on the upper right side of the frame is dark and close to the edge. A minor touch-up with the processing would have given the photograph some pop. See the side-by-side visual critique. What do you think?.

Feeding The Family

Rolando Proll
Score 77

This is an interesting and challenging photograph to create. The image is overexposed, and there are a lot of distracting twigs. Next time try underexposing 1 to 2 stops from the camera's metering. The slight underexposure will darken the sticks in the nest and should still give you room to open up the anhinga. You could have handled the distracting sticks in an image processing program. See the side-by-side visual critique.

Peace at the Japanese Garden

Pilar Geada
Score 92

Compositionally strong, and the Koi in the reflection is the anomaly that adds interest to the photograph. See the side-by-side visual critique for processing ideas. Did the minor touch-up help?.

Rainy Season

Inna Malostovker
Score 93

This image is well exposed with an appropriate depth of field. See the side-by-side visual critique for a crop ratio idea. Did changing the orientation from square to 4x5 strengthen the statement?


Spring Migrant

Yevette Shapiro
Score 95

Well composed with good focus and appropriate depth of field. See the side-by-side visual critique. Did darkening the stick and background make a difference?

The Greening Season

Doris Kraus
Score 87

This image has an appropriate orientation and depth of field. See the side-by-side visual critique. Notice how I toned down the bright areas and opened the lizard's head? Did it help?

Winter Storm

Inna Malostovker
Score 94

Compositionally strong with an appropriate depth of field. The placement of the trees within the frame feels right. See the side-by-side visual critique. Did brightening the photograph enhance the feeling of a winter storm?

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