"WIDE ANGLE"  Visual Critique
March 2021 - by Robert Chaplin


Digital Challenge – Wide Angle

The description on the KCC website: "A generic definition is that a wide-angle lens displays a wider field of view than the human vision. For this contest, take pictures with a lens that is equal or less than the following: Full Frame Sensor: 24mm, APS-C Sensor: 16mm, Micro-Four-Thirds Sensor: 12mm."

Critique Approach:

I will Keep with the critical approach as with the previous digital challenges.

The challenge, as stated above, is "a wide-angle lens displays a wider field of view than the human vision." Then the description requires a lens equivalent to 24mm or more expansive. This challenge intends to have the photographer photograph and present a scene or subject wider than "the human vision." (A "normal" lens, 50 – 70mm equivalent, approximates the way the average person sees)

An image created with a 24mm equivalent lens but cropped to a view similar to the "human vision" seems to miss the challenge's intent.

The scores will reflect judgment based on technical, processing, artistic and emotional impacts, and challenge requirements.

Also, keep in mind that any visual critiques are processed jpegs. It will not be perfect but is intended as a visual aid to express the written analysis.

A Lonely Day Ahead

Gerry Tiziani
Score 87

Good photograph with appropriate panoramic orientation. See the visual critique. Did the subtle processing improve the image? Notice I also removed the steps at the end of the seawall giving the boat a way out for the "lonely day ahead."


Ahoy Mate

John McKnight
Score 75

See the visual critique for a processing idea. The challenge was to photograph something with a "wider field of than the human vision." This shot is not wider than the human vision. The score reflects the image not meeting the challenge description.


Let's go Fishing

Gerry Tiziani
Score 89

Nice wide shot and the panoramic orientation is appropriate for the subject. See the visual critique for subtle processing ideas. Did it make a difference?

Metro Station

Inna Malostovker
Score 92

Well done, and the starburst and passenger relationship makes the shot. Take a look at the visual critique cropped version. What do you think? Did removing the lights at the ceiling and changing the ratio make a difference? No points were deducted since my post-processing was to my taste and maybe not yours. I wanted to show the possibilities for image refinement. What do you think?




Milk Way Over a Lake

Rolando Prol
Score 88

Simple but effective composition. The horizon line is well-suited for this subject and crop ratio. See the visual critique. My edit is on the bottom. Did the simple brightening and contrast enhance the milky way?

Old World Street

Ivan Prasin
Score 90

The elevation of the camera and the angle of composition are well thought out and executed. The depth of field is appropriate for this image. See the visual critique. Look for the subtle differences. Do you notice them? No points were deducted since my post-processing was to my taste and maybe not yours. I wanted to show the possibilities for image refinement. What do you think?


Unusual View

Rolando Prol
Score 87

Yes, this is an unusual and simply stated view. It is very tough to critique an artistic choice. Something this unique and straightforward needs special attention to processing to emphasize the artist's statement. See the visual critique. Did my post-processing make a difference?


Urban Strawberry Field

Walter Rojter
Score 86

Wide-angle with good leading lines. It seems to me the statement could be refined by eliminating what I perceive as unnecessary. See the visual critique. What do you think?

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