"Centered" Photo Challenge Winning Photos

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Ivan Prasin

The Pearl of the Danube

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Ibis Hillencamp

Dressed in Hot Pink

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Inna Malostovker


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David Wicks

Iron Bridge

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David Wicks

Hunting the Hunter

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Ruth Casal

Lighting up my spirit


  • GROUP A 

    1st: Ivan Prasin

    2nd: Ibis Hillencamp

    3rd:  Inna Malostovker


    1st:  David Wicks

    2nd: David Wicks

    3rd:  Ruth Casal

Upcoming Events

High Key Photography

July 2020 - Online Photo Contest

In photography today, a high-key image is one that is almost entirely very bright with very little or no dark shadows present. This is usually a creative decision made by the photographer, in order to create a certain mood in the image. A bright, "airy" image most often creates a light, pleasant mood, as opposed to a dark, shadowy image that most often creates a dramatic, romantic, or even scary mood. A good photographer knows how to use not just lighting, but also pose and composition and other elements to create an impactful high-key photograph.


Photo Challenge: "PATTERNS"

July 9, 2020

Take a photograph utilizing elements that are repeated. The repetition of lines, shapes, tones or color can create interesting images. The pattern can be the main subject of an image or the patterns can be used to enhance the overall composition. Patterns are all around us, in nature, or man-made.

Building an Image By Steve Gettle

July 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Most great images are not spontaneous. They are more often well thought out and carefully crafted, taking into consideration such things as what you choose to include in the frame, lighting, the background, your chosen perspective, and many other elements. In this talk, Steve goes through his entire process. From seeing and identifying the image to choosing the message, and the step by step progression of building the final composition.

Removing Unwanted Objects from your Photos

By Ivan Prasin - July 23, 2020

This presentation will focus on using Lightroom and Photoshop tools to remove unwanted objects in photos.

Ivan will go over the editing tools of each program with a focus on the Spot Heal/ Clone Stamp and Content-Aware tools.  He will also explain the Layers and Masking tools.  

Online Photo Contests

Low Key Photography

Voting Ends July 5, 2020

In a world where the crisp, clean, high key shot dominates, this month's challenge is Low Key Photography. It is a genre of photography consisting of shooting dark-colored scenes and emphasizing natural or artificial only on specific areas in the frame. 

the new normal

Submission ends: May 25 - Voting May 26 trough June 1st, 2020

Kids are schooled at home. People work from kitchen tables and don't go to restaurants, shopping malls, and movies. We see long lines in supermarkets for food, toilet paper, and Lysol. Some of us are even missing rush hour traffic time. Submit up to 3 images portraying life in the time of Covid-19 

Signs of Spring

Voting ends: May 02, 2020
Goodbye Winter, hello spring.
it's always heartwarming to see new blooms and buds appearing in the landscape. Take your best spring-time shots, that illustrate the season with originality. Do not just think flowers by themselves, there is more out there!

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