September Field Trip - Davie Rodeo

From September 08, 2018 6:30 pm until September 08, 2018 10:00 pm
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If the Davie Arena could talk it would tell some tall stories!!  From the birth of Five Star Rodeo in 1986 to the transition into the Weekley Brothers Davie Pro Rodeo in 2007.  The Nationwide Fame of this Rodeo keeps the world travelers as well as the local community, coming back.

Let's photograph this spectacular event!!!! Practice motion blur and nighttime photography. Bring your tripod and a zoom lens.

Davie Arena at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds
4271 Davie Road.
Take Florida Turnpike - Griffin Road exit  
Grounds are located near the corner of Davie Road and Orange Drive 

KCC Meeting Place
Meet near the entrance, immediately after ticket booth.
Coodinator: Ruth Casals 305-910-5044
Tickets: $22
Senior Discounts: $13
For online purchase please visit Rodeo website:
Tripod or even better - a monopod
Zoom lens 200, 300 or 400

SHOOT HIGH, SHOOT TIGHT -  in regards to shooting sports, you want to be lower than the participants and shooting up towards them and you want to be shooting as tight as you can. Many participants will be wearing cowboy hats and if you are above and shooting down, you will miss the face and the eyes. While this is pretty a hard and fast rule, it can also be broken if you have secured a shooting position that will help you produce a shot that is different.

Shooting tight is a must. We are there to capture the story and the story is the cowboy/cowgirl in action. We focus on that person and we shoot to fill the frame for the most part. This is where having glass that has range will help you out.  You will be limited on how tight you can shoot due to the glass you are using.  Do not be afraid to crop in post.





We meet regularly at the Evelyn Greer Park, 8200 SW 124th Street  Miami, FL