"REFLECTIONS" Photo Challenge Winning Entries

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James Keith

Log Jam

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Rolando Prol

Serene Bay

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Inna Malostovker

King of The Pond

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Ivan Prasin

Old Roman Bridge
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Yevette Shapiro

The Dance of the Water Lillie

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Dustin Quiel-Athanasiadis

Macro Sea Glass Bottleneck on Mirror

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Ruth Casal

Do I know you?

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Dustin Quiel-Athanasiadis

Reflection on the Yantra River

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Ada Ruth Casal

Moon over the water 1

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David Wicks

Tropical Shores


  • GROUP A 

    1. Log Jam - James Keith
    2. Serene Bay - Rolando Prol
    3. King of the Pond - Inna Malostovker

    1. Macro Sea Glass Bottleneck on Mirror - Dustin Quiel-Athanasiadis
    2. Do I Know You? - Ada Ruth Casal
    3. Reflection on the Yantra River - Dustin Quiel-Athanasiadis

    • Old Roman Bridge -Ivan Prasin
    • The Dance of the Water Lillie - Yevette Shapiro
    • Moon over the water- Ada Ruth Casal
    • Tropical Shores - David Wicks

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Many beautiful macro or close-up images are found online today. Small plants, animals, insects, small objects are available everywhere. With the right skills, you will be able to capture amazing images of a little and often hidden universe, even in your own backyard. 

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