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Let's hang out to talk about photography!

February 22nd - 6:45 PM at Suniland Park

It has been awhile since we took the opportunity to just hang out and talk photography.  Usually, we are working pretty fast during photo challenges and presentations so we can start and end the meetings on time. 

This doesn't leave us much time to be able to do another important aspect of being in a club--that is to just talk about photography, get to know each other and learn from one another in an informal setting.

This will be the first of many more get togethers to come at the end of every month where we can just relax, learn something new and do photography related activities. 
These meetings will be a great opportunity to ask questions of the more experienced members, especially if you are a new member to the club. 

If you are having trouble learning how to use your camera/equipment, you have questions about gear, techniques or about submitting for the photo challenges, this meeting is for you!  

Bring your camera and lenses for this event, as we will have an autofocus calibration tool available to help you pair your gear and get the best out of your camera's autofocus. (** not all cameras have this feature, though).  Bring a photo or two if you like and ask the members for constructive critiques.

Also, we would like your feedback on what kinds of topics you would like for us to discuss on future get togethers (e.g. photo editing, specific techniques, how to shoot for upcoming photochallenges, etc)--Send us an email, or bring it up during the meeting.

We are also going to talk about the return of the online photo challenge!

We hope to see you there!

Photo Challenge - MARCH 2024 - OLD OR ABANDONED

Submit by midnight March 12, 2024

Here are some ideas for this theme

  1. Remember to approach abandoned places safely and respectfully. Enjoy your photography challenge! 

    1. Urban Decay: Capture the beauty of abandoned buildings and their decaying architecture in urban areas.

    2. Rural Ruins: Photograph forgotten barns, farmhouses, or structures in the countryside that have fallen into disrepair.

    3. Abandoned Vehicles: Find old cars, buses, or trains that have been left behind and capture their weathered surfaces and surroundings.

    4. Haunting Landscapes: Explore deserted amusement parks, ghost towns, or overgrown cemeteries for eerie and captivating shots.

    5. Forgotten Objects: Seek out discarded items in unexpected places and photograph them to evoke curiosity about their stories.

    JUDGES: Robert Chaplin and


Online Photo Contest Voting


Voting open through February 12, 2023

Flowers are a naturally photogenic subject matter — a joyful expression of colors, textures, and shapes. Flower and plant photography celebrates their natural beauty and is an effective way to improve various photography skills


Yevette Shapiro

Lewis Wilkinson

Pilar Geada

Rolando Prol





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