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  1. Bruce Moreland
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  3. Wednesday, August 09 2017, 12:58 AM
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When I made the Bee Happy Graphics FAQ many months ago, one question I forgot to add that we get asked a lot in our booth at art festivals, is "How can I learn to take pictures like that" or "Where do you learn all these things you were telling me about" or "How do I become a better photographer?"


In a future comment, I'll tell you how Nancy has been answering them, but I'd first like to hear from you. Don't worry, when I do get around to fixing our FAQ, I won't steal your idea without your permission (at which point it wouldn't be stealing).

One reason I'm not giving you Nancy's ideas right away (besides needing to finish my income tax (at least I'll have mine in before Trump publishes his)), is that I don't want to inhibit your creativity. I gave a caption idea for that contest I told you about (Contest: Come Up With Best Caption), and haven't had a single entry since then. That contest ends in just over a week, by the way.

So, help out some new kid by giving him/her your best advice. It' a real way you can make America great again. (Then go enter the contest.) Thank you for your help!
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This is a great blog Bruce. I don't think the question necessarily applies to just beginning photographers.

My very humble opinions are these:
1- For beginners - become part of a club. Going out shooting with others is motivational and gives you information and ideas for getting a better photograph. Also, you become part of a great group of friends.
2- Use YouTube - for any questions you have. Someone has an answer.
3- Look at photos - take time to review photos of great photographers. You can learn form them - different angles, settings, etc. They are inspirational! (also on YouTube)
4-Shoot, Shoot, Shoot.

I had to take a little time out from photography because of family illness (my dogs got sick). While home, I look at the clicktiques (now photo challenge) and see how everyone has improved. For example, Patricia Giraldo has become a pro!!! I look forward to learning and practicing with you all again.
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