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  1. Bruce Moreland
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  3. Saturday, May 13 2017, 09:53 AM
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On the Bee Happy Graphics blog, there is a simple(?) geometry problem inspired by actual events. As it says in the blog, the best seven answers receive a discount on their next print. This could be handy for an upcoming Clicktique.

In one past life I was a high school math teacher. This is Bee Happy Graphics' first math promotion, but now that the genie is out of the bottle, who knows what's next. I've already come up with a printing problem involving pre-algebra that I may share with you. Stay tuned.


Although this is our first math-type promotion, it is not the first time I've discussed math (go to the blog and change the category to "Applied math";), nor is it our first promotion (change category to "Promotions";).
  1. http://www.BeeHappyGraphics.com/blog/2017/a-simple-math-problem/
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John McKnight Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Bruce, after a quick look, I would say 3 is the answer. But I have been wrong before and I could be wrong again.
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